Rotary Club of Shippensburg
Tuesdays at Noon
Knute's Pub & Grill
15 West King Street
Shippensburg, PA 17257


The Rotary Club Presidency

The term of a Rotary Club president coincides with the Rotary year, beginning July 1 and lasting through June 30 of the following calendar year. They should be nominated a year or more before the beginning of their term (President-Nominees), and elected by club members by December of the year preceding their term (Presidents-Elect).

It is common for clubs to have regular plans of succession that move presidents-to-be through several club officer positions and essentially choose the presidential line several years in advance. Rotarians must attend a Rotary President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS), which are held regionally every winter, before being eligible to serve as president.

A president's responsibilities normally span at least two and a half years, beginning as President-Elect, and extending for an entire term beyond their presidency through their board position as Past President.

Past Presidents

Past presidents play an important role in the club by providing guidance to presidents and other officers. They do so formally, as they continue to serve on the board as "Past President" during the presidential term immediately following their own.

Here is a complete list of our presidents and their terms served.

2018-2019 Cory Nye (President-Nominee-Designee)
2017-2018 Jeff Knouse (President-Nominee)
2016-2017 Gary Davis (President-Elect)
2015-2016 Carolyn Callaghan
2014-2015 Ra Kligge
2013-2014 Ra Kligge
2012-2013 Allen Dugan
2011-2012 John Knutelsky
2010-2011 Drew Wellmon
2009-2010 Alan Patton
2008-2009 John Dyson / Sean Scott
2007-2008 Sean Scott
2006-2007 Sean Scott
2005-2006 Frank Sneeringer
2004-2005 Todd West
2003-2004 Todd West
2002-2003 Frank Sneeringer
2001-2002 Frank Sneeringer
2000-2001 Bob Riggs
1999-2000 Steve Oldt
1998-1999 Marie Davis
1997-1998 Al Smith
1996-1997 Joe Brown
1995-1996 Scott Brechbuehl
1994-1995 Gary Davis
1993-1994 Wells Shoemaker
1992-1993 Bruce Koziar
1991-1992 Michael Denning
1990-1991 Dean Burkholder
1989-1990 John McCann
1988-1989 Robert Harper
1987-1988 Walter Pledger
1986-1987 Fred Clapsaddle
1985-1986 Fred Clapsaddle
1984-1985 Robert Florig
1983-1984 Byron Krapf
1982-1983 Al Mason, Jr.
1981-1982 Jack Benhart
1980-1981 Bob Kratz
1979-1980 Howard Lyons
1978-1979 John Benhart
1977-1978 John Benhart
1976-1977 Mervin Fogelsanger
1975-1976 Wilbur Hancock
1974-1975 William P. Peightel
1973-1974 William D. Swisher
1972-1973 Frank Coffey
1971-1972 Lee B. Hippensteele
1970-1971 George P. Wasson
1969-1970 William T. Garling
1968-1969 Howard Lyons
1967-1968 Edward T. Turnbach
1966-1967 Elmer Jensen
1965-1966 James M. Myers
1964-1965 Wayne A. Coy
1963-1964 George Kaluger
1962-1963 Richard Diffenbaugh
1961-1962 Conrad E. Fogelsanger
1960-1961 Frank E. Ferraris
1959-1960 Ivan D. Houck
1958-1959 John A. Hargleroad II
1957-1958 Bertram W. Mittler
1956-1957 Fred A. Maser
1955-1956 William A. Nickles
1954-1955 Charles M. Brown
1953-1954 Roy K. Singiser
1952-1953 William J. Medlicott
1951-1952 William A. Addams
1950-1951 James C. Weaver
1949-1950 Richard R. Wolfrom
1948-1949 Harold S. Garling
1947-1948 Keith B. Allen
1946-1947 Hiram W. Gill
1945-1946 G. Irvin Van Scyoc
1944-1945 Earl Wright
1943-1944 William H. Galbreath
1942-1943 J. Edward Reisner
1941-1942 Walter C. Nickles
1940-1941 Henry E. Luhrs
1939-1940 Raymond W. Lemaster
1938-1939 Fred K. Hargelroad
1937-1938 Harling Sponseller
1936-1937 Willam S. Webb
1935-1936 John K. Stewart
1934-1935 Carl A. Naugle
1933-1934 John H. Lackhove
1932-1933 Allan L. Watts
1931-1932 Galen H. Gates
1930-1931 Jeremiah S. Omwake
1929-1930 Robert M. Currens
1928-1929 William P. Harley
1927-1928 Ezra Lehman
1926-1927 Edward S. Berry
1925-1926 Paul B. Noftsker
1924-1925 Paul B. Noftsker
1923-1924* Paul B. Noftsker

*Founding president Paul B. Noftsker served from the charter date of April 16, 1924 through the remainder of the term.