Rotary Club of Shippensburg
Tuesdays at Noon
Knute's Pub & Grill
15 West King Street
Shippensburg, PA 17257


Upcoming speakers

To see a list of our speakers and full schedule of upcoming meetings, visit our Meetings page.


During our weekly lunch meetings, the Shippensburg Rotary Club typically hosts guest presenters who speak about a topic in their field or an organization familiar to them. These presentations serve multiple purposes. As a club, we aim to build relationships and create a dialogue with other institutions within our community, because it is essential to the idea of community, and because the better we know our community, the better we can serve it.

Also, as a "curious and engaged" group, we actively pursue knowlege for its own sake. Though we do encourage individuals and groups to contact us about scheduling presentations, we frequently target presenters that can add context to current events or expand our knowledge in areas to which others have introduced us in the past. Our presentations are nonpolitical and nonreligious, as is our club, so we always seek presenters who can speak objectively and foster discussion about issues without promoting a particular position.

Our meetings are held at noon on the second floor of Knute's Pub & Grill in downtown Shippensburg. They are somewhat informal and allow for a 15- to 30-minute presentation before lunch is served. We can accommodate a projected presentation if needed (we love charts and stats and visual aids) but simple oral presentations are common and are just as welcome. We are not a large group but are very attentive, and often have some friendly questions during or after the presentation for those who are willing to entertain them.

Speak to us

The Rotary Club of Shippensburg is continuously looking for speakers interested in presenting a topic to a small but curious and engaged audience. Our meeting attendance numbers anywhere from 10 to 30, from seniors in high school to senior citizens, with a broad range of interests. Presentations usually run 15-30 minutes, and are often followed by a healthy dose of discussion over lunch.

If you are interested in presenting or have a suggestion for a speaking topic, please contact us.

We'll need a few things from you when we schedule your appearance date.

Visit our Meetings page to see examples for other speakers and a sample meeting agenda.